Our Story

How it Started:

Sherry and Ashley are a mother/daughter team with many years personal lived experience. In 2017 they co-founded a community grassroots organization, the Ontario Disability Coalition, to advocate for people living with disability of any form.  They organized and continue to carry out press conferences, rallies, public awareness campaigns, and peer support efforts.  Sherry also acts as public speaker on barriers affecting the disability community and fostering a non-disabling society. Ashley enjoys being actively mobile with her wheelchair and walker and expresses herself through AAC (augmentative & alternative communication). She is a budding social-media self-advocate and model.

GoodonU.ca represents the evolution of all these grassroots initiatives to end disability discrimination. 


How it's Going:

GoodOnU.ca is a social enterprise, a business created to raise funds for achievement of specific social goals. Through GoodOnU.ca business practices and revenue choices, combined with your support,  fashion as a way to look good is elevated into a dynamic force to also make people feel good and do good.

A portion from every sale at GoodOnU.ca flows to disability-supportive organizations, and generates employment opportunities for youth with disability.

Our disability-positive marketplace was established because we believe attitudes that exclude are as much of a barrier as stairs where ramps should be. GoodOnU.ca brand original designs raise awareness, encourage self-expression, create advocacy opportunities, and promote our core values of access, equity, and inclusion - the building blocks of a world with participation for all.  GoodOnU.ca book partnerships amplify the voices of self-advocates and allies, and GoodOnU.ca artistic collaborations share self-advocate points of view.

Your purchase brings us closer to a future where the voices of all - whether communicated by speech, hand, eyes, or device - are heard and valued. Thank you.


Sherry & Ashley Caldwell