1. What Kind of Business is GoodOnU.ca? 

We are woman-owned and operated.

We believe in the power of business to make the world a better place.

GoodOnU.ca is a social enterprise, a business that raises funds for social goals. For us the goal is an accessible, equitable, inclusive society with full participation of people with disability.  Steps we are taking to get there include:

-messaging that raises awareness and enhances self-expression,

-amplification of voices of persons with disability and respecting all methods by which they choose to communicate,

-generating employment opportunities for youth with disability,

- donating funds from every sale on our site to disability-supportive organizations. 

These actions elevate fashion from something that simply looks good to a dynamic force to make you feel good by doing good also. So, thank you for your support.


2. Why do I keep seeing a Heart on your Site and Merchandise?

Our signature icon is an original artwork, "My Heart", created by co-founder and self-advocate Ashley Caldwell.  It represents our core value of inclusion,  putting care and compassion for all people into practice. 


3.  Why do I keep seeing the word Original on your Site?

The tag "Original" in an item description means that image is exclusive to GoodOnU and the artist will benefit from their own work.


4. Many Stores sell T-shirts.  What makes you Different?

We offer Clothes with a Cause.  A portion of every sale on our site flows directly towards registered charities and organizations that support individuals with disability of all types, whether visible or invisible.

In addition, many of the items on our site feature original art designs which are unique to GoodOnU.ca, and cannot be found elsewhere.  Each item with such original artwork is tagged and the artist identified in the product description. 


5. Who are the Models on the Site?

For our photo- and video-shoots, we seek out youth with lived experience to showcase our apparel.  Many of the models on our site are self-advocates living with a variety of visible and/or invisible disabilities.   


6. Is GoodOnU.ca a Planet-Positive Company?

GoodOnU.ca's business model is print-on-demand rather than the traditional method of production first,  transportation to storage at point-of-sale next, actual sale after that, and transportation to disposal location of unsold merchandise last.  Print-on-demand means the garment is only created once a customer has committed to purchasing it, and is then shipped directly to that customer without in-between steps.  This means that resources are not utilized for additional transportation or storage, and the likelihood of ending up in a landfill due to being unsold past a certain window (as happens to a percentage of garments produced in bulk) is eliminated.  We believe that the print-on-demand model is one effective method of building sustainable business practices.

At GoodOnU.ca, we strive to work with suppliers who utilize eco-friendly methods and materials.  Due to the number and diversity of our products and partners, this is a work in progress. 


7. Do the Garment Size Gender Labels Limit My Choices?

We subdivide our clothing categories according to age/relative size rather than gender.  Within the adult sections, you may find descriptions such as "women",  "men", "genderfree", "genderneutral", etc.. These are not meant to channel customers toward some clothes and away from others.  They are words provided by our suppliers to describe the type of cut of the garment, so clients can better compare different types of fit. For example:

- a women's size medium might roughly correspond to a men's small or a unisex extra-small

- side seams of women's styles sometimes dip in at the waist and side seams on men's and ungendered styles often form a straight line from armpit to hip

- genderfree / gender neutral / unisex styles often (but not always, please check individual descriptions) have a relaxed, roomy fit at the sides and longer sleeves than other cuts

In every case, we encourage customers to compare the sizing charts for each item with measurements of a garment they already own. 

Size measurements are not the same across our site. Please check measurements for EVERY item.

In the end, it comes down to your personal feeling of what style makes you feel best.  We purposefully offer multiple options so you can find the pieces that are uniquely suited to you.


8. Is GoodOnU.ca a size-inclusive business?

 We strive to provide a range of sizes for our customers whenever possible.  This is still a work in progress, and we will offer additional sizing whenever the option arises according to our partner providers.  

Customers seeking apparel in size 3x or above, please note that some items may be shipped from USA rather than Canada, and on occasion this can result in a slightly longer delivery time and/or duty fees for Canadian addresses.


9. Why do some of your designs have disability advocacy messages or self-expression messages and some don't?  

Some people like to "wear" their views and in this way maybe invite a discussion. Others like to support the goals of GoodOnU.ca in a less extroverted way. Still others might simply like a particular colour or style of garment without any other meanings involved.  We try to offer a wide selection so all types of customers can find something to suit them.


10.  Where do I choose payment currency?  What payment method can I use?

Our currency converter is located at the bottom left corner of our Homepage.  When you choose the currency of your location, items will be shown in that currency, as well as the tax amount and shipping for your address on the checkout page. 

Our accepted payment methods are located at the bottom right corner of our Homepage. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at ask@goodonu.ca and we will do our best to find a solution that meets your needs.


11. How does Shipping work?

Fees:      Occasionally we offer free shipping to Canada and the continental United States for GoodOnU brand items.  

Our regular shipping fees are a flat fee of $10 within continental North America or free shipping with purchase of $90 before tax.

Shipping to other locations is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that books and items offered by partner vendors on our marketplace have individual shipping fees.  

Tracking:   Once you have submitted your order, you will receive a confirmation text to your phone including the total charge as well as a tracking number.  You will be notified when your order is sent on its way after processing, and when our delivery service reports it delivered to your address.  

Timing:   We offer a wide variety of products and partner with multiple suppliers. This means items may ship from various locations, and in the case of multi-part orders, at different times.

As shipping times may be affected by circumstances beyond our control such as supply chain irregularities, weather patterns, or pandemic staffing issues we cannot guarantee arrival dates.  What we can guarantee is your order will begin to be processed within hours after submission, and you will be kept informed of the stages of its journey to you. 

Duties:  If an item in your order crosses a border, customs or import duty fees may apply. Payment of customs or duty fees is the responsibility of the customer.  

Customers with American addresses may be exempt from duties for items shipping from Canada on orders up to $800, while customers with Canadian addresses may be exempt from duties for items shipping from United States on orders up to $150. Please check relevant government sites for most up to date information. 


12. How do Refunds and Exchanges Work?

Refund & Exchange policy depends on the type of item purchased.

GoodOnU.ca brand apparel and everyday items:  We strive to create quality products and hope you will be happy with your purchase.  If for some reason you are not, please reach out to ask@goodonu.ca within your 14 day inspection period. This is counted according to tracking information provided by our shipping partners, with day of delivery counted as Day 1. We ask you to provide proof of purchase and reason for concern, and that you send the item back to us in new condition (unwashed, unworn, unsoiled, with all tags and/or labels attached) with original packaging.

Please note that the item does not need to reach us within the 14 day inspection period, only your stated intention to return it does.  Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, unless return is for reasons of clear manufacturing defect. We suggest that the item be returned with a tracking method as we cannot proceed with refund or exchange if the item is lost in transit and does not arrive at our location. Once the item is received and confirmed in good condition, we will communicate with you on details of your desired return or exchange. 

Please note: the most common reason for return or exchange is wrong size.  We work with multiple suppliers, meaning measurements for one type of garment are not automatically the same for another garment on our site.

To prevent buyer's remorse, please check size measurements on product page separately for each item in your order.

Books:  Books on our site are offered by partner vendors, and are not eligible for return or exchange.  Books are final sale.


13. Can I pick up my Order in Person?

For the majority of orders, this is not possible.  As a drop-shipping / print-on-demand company, we do not have a central location at which merchandise is stored.  

For a minority of clients, it may be possible to visit us during occasional in-person sales events such as when we attend trade shows or in-person charity fundraisers.  These pop-up shopping opportunities will be announced on our social media and our not-frequent (we promise!) newsletter.


14. When I Exchanged my Item, I Sent it to a Physical Address.  Is that your Store? Can I Visit There?

At this time, we do not have a bricks-and-mortar store or a showroom.  The address utilized for sending return and exchange items is not a retail location and isn't equipped or staffed to receive customers. Please do not attempt to visit us there!  

Instead, you are very welcome to visit us on social media.  We would love to hear from you.


15. I am a Self-Advocate and have Written a Book. Can I sell it on GoodOnU.ca?

We love talking to authors about their work and possible collaboration!  Please get in touch at ask@goodonu.ca


16. I am a Self-Advocate and Artist.  Can I sell my art on GoodOnU.ca?

We love talking to artists about their work and possible collaboration! Please get in touch at ask@goodonu.ca