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BOOK: MEMOIR Kyle Scott, In a SPLIT SECOND Living in the World with Cerebral Palsy

BOOK: MEMOIR Kyle Scott, In a SPLIT SECOND Living in the World with Cerebral Palsy

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In a SPLIT SECOND living in the world with cerebral palsy
Author Kyle Scott

Paperback 258 pages, Standard Size Print

What is it like to grow up with cerebral palsy? How does a child cope throughout life with a disability? What obstacles will they be faced with while trying to reach their goals and achieve their dreams?

Kyle Scott was diagnosed with a mystery classification of cerebral palsy at the age of sixteen months, but that hasn't stopped him from living his life to the fullest. Surrounded by the best family and friends one could ask for, he has strived for and achieved far more than doctors, specialists, and therapists claimed he would, ultimately proving that anything is possible.

This is a story about how an entire life can change in a split second, but it's what you do with your life from that day forward that creates a life worth living.

"In life, you need certain qualities: courage, the ability to smile, determination, and a never-give-up attitude!"
-Kyle N. Scott

Since publication, it has been a multi-award-winning book! In this book, readers can find inspiration, education, hope, faith, dreams, entertainment, tears, and a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. There have been many praises for the book from readers around the globe, many stating they have not read a book so fascinating in a long time, stating "this book should be in all school libraries and should be mandatory reading for students, teachers, doctors, nurses, and medical technicians."

I would like to share a little story about how I became inspired to write my memoir:

When I was young and vulnerable, I read a book about a young man with cerebral palsy. Through his book, I became more confident and stronger as an individual, never letting go of my goals and dreams. His memoir inspired me and encouraged me to reach for the stars! The reason for writing this book is to give others living with CP hope and courage, just as he did for me.

Check out this fantastic book trailer!

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